Tips for Eating Out With Kids Allergic to Eggs

Eating away from home becomes an adventure when you are the parent of a child allergic to eggs. Even vegetarian restaurants tend to serve eggs or products like cookies or pasta made with eggs. What’s in the food is only half the worry. The other half is worry over how the food is prepared. If your child has extreme reactions to eggs, then even eating egg-free food that has been made with utensils that have touched eggs and not been cleaned properly can set off dangerous symptoms. However, a child with egg allergies is not doomed to brown-bag it all through childhood. Here are tips for eating outside the home.

Check With the Allergy Eats Website

There are many websites devoted to finding that extra-special pace to eat. lets you research what real people suffering from food allergies have to say about the restaurants and eateries near them. Search the site by Zip code, restaurant name or by your child’s egg allergy.

Always Carry an Epipen

Children with food allergies should always carry an Epipen or epinephrine auto-injector whenever they discover they have consumed something with eggs in it. This is especially important for children who suffer breathing problems after eating eggs.

Bring Your Own Bottle

Most places to eat, including fast food chains, sell egg-free salads. However, their dressings may not be egg-free. Give your child a bottle of egg-free dressing like Just Ranch Hampton Creek so they can still eat with friends in popular places and enjoy their food. You can always call a fancier restaurant ahead of time and ask if you can bring your own condiments or salad dressings.

Bring a Chef Card

People with food allergies should always carry a chef card with them in case they go into a hospital or suddenly invited to go out to eat at a new place that you haven’t had time to check out in advance. A chef card, down-loadable from many websites devoted to people with food allergies. Give the card to the server so he or she can bring it to the chef or manager. The restaurant is then able to tell you if they can accommodate you before the tempting food arrives on your plate.

Choosing Food Products That Are Environmentally Friendly

It used to be very difficult to find healthy foods that are environmentally friendly, but there are now some terrific options. Many people are excited about Hampton Creek environment friendly products because much research has been involved in creating them. They use plant-based ingredients such as Sorghum because it takes much less water to grow. It can be processed as a rice or flour substitution or used as a sweetener. This is one of the many ingredients used by this company to make healthy foods that are affordable for all. These products are now being sold in major retail chains such as Walmart, Target and Whole Foods.

Their Just Mayo product is very popular because it doesn’t contain eggs or cholesterol. A Canadian Yellow Pea is used in this product instead, and it tastes great. This product comes in several varieties such as Original, Chipotle, Sriracha and Garlic. Most people who have tried this particular product agree that they don’t even miss the eggs in it. This gives consumers a healthier option that is also affordable. This is something that was unheard of until now. Generally, healthy products tend to be very expensive, but Hampton Creek wanted to make their products accessible to all.

The goal of this company is to produce products that are cheaper, healthier and have less impact on the environment. They are building a large database with their research on different plants. This creative company is paving the way for better foods to be available to everyone. It is very exciting because the company is one of the fastest growing food companies at this time. They started with a simple idea and it has grown massively. They are adding new products to their line in the very near future.

The idea of creating healthier foods that have less impact on the environment is genius. Many people are excited about their Just Cookie Dough product because it doesn’t contain eggs and can be eaten raw or baked. It is a healthier alternative to a traditional cookie. They also make Just Cookies, and they are very tasty. This company is reaching and exceeding their goals. It all started with a simple idea, and has grown exponentially since then.

A Hampton Creek Article on Wikinut Explores Why Meat Truly is Non-Sustainable

Meat enthusiasts hear a big argument against meat consumption. The argument essentially boils down to production. Meat takes more energy and resources to produce than vegetables. Furthermore, meat production is destroying the environment.

There is a specific Wikipedia article put together that explores many of these concerns in great detail. It can be viewed here at

Does the argument have any weight? The Hampton creek article on Wikinut expands on some of these ideas by arguing what is sustainable and what is not. Meat is non-sustainable because it requires entirely too many resources without feeding enough people. But, meat enthusiasts fairly ask, what are these resources? What is the impact really of eating a cheeseburger over a vegetable burger?

Firstly, the animals need to be maintained, fed, cared for, fed, and fed again. They eat a whole lot. But, feeding the animals requires a separate plant production. The plants (grass included) is produced solely to supply for another resource. Every animal is not just the animal. It is the months of food it has eaten before that is being used to care for that “meat.”

Water and land consumption is a major issue. But, the actual meat production uses energy. This also contributes to the adverse effects on the environment. The fossil fool usage brings everything back to the carbon footprint. There is a clear and distinctive imprint being left on the environment from meat production. A Hampton creek article on Wikinut explores further details about meat production, and how non-sustainable foods are burdening modern culture.

It all comes back to the fact that any meat was once alive. It used many resources in that process. Caring for, preparing, packaging, distributing, and everything else in-between results in a system that cannot hold on its own. This is hardly the case for a vegetable, which relies on natural resources (the sun and rainwater) to remain in production. Distribution costs are far milder considering local farmers can easily pick up to the task for their specific community. It is a massive cultural burden and one that cannot just continue indefinitely without an inevitable shake-up soon enough.

Always Be Ready with Regard to the Particular Unfamiliar

All of us are in unclear days, and there simply isn’t a true approach to be able to see the future. For that reason, it just is smart to generally be as well prepared as is possible for any scenario. Such arranging really assists you to live in the existing moment … a thing that can be very tough if you do not know what is going to come about next week. It can make a lot of good sense to produce the greatest number of preparations as you can for your own personal self-sufficiency and also success. Plenty of people happen to be quietly successfully navigating the long run they might almost never think about. They really are storing plastic bottles using water, furnishing themselves with weapons plus fire wood, and even getting urgent situation foods materials from businesses like food4patriots, virtually all to ensure that they will be in the position to rest a bit easier at nighttime, knowing that they have done what you might to be all set pertaining to no matter what unknowns the entire world might send his or her way. Many people may have enough sleep at nighttime, knowing they are really as geared up for anything that will come as they could be. Regardless of whether these people are hit by a typhoon, some sort of twister, an earthquake, a woodland fire, an electricity grid disruption, a warfare or a famine, they have perhaps put away the required materials that will buy them enough time to get into their circumstance making strategies in the future.

How One Company is Changing the Food Industry

There was a time when food manufacturing took place in enormous kitchens that were filled with skilled chefs and bakers. These dedicated people made certain all their products were made to a specific standard and used only the best ingredients. Unfortunately, quantity and profit became the priority and suddenly food really did become manufactured, rather than cooked or baked.

Over the next few decades the products these companies made began to contain fewer real ingredients and more processed items. Sugar was replaced with a cheaper, less natural product, chemicals were added to make food look real and by-products and more chemicals were used in place of genuine spices and ingredients. Research has made it obvious that these advancements may have boosted corporate profits, but they are destroying the health of the average consumer. They are not helping the environment much either.

This is why HamptonCreek decided to make a change. Not only did they want to bring back food made with safe, high-quality organic ingredients, they wanted to take it a step further. In addition to helping their own customers eat healthier, they wanted to make certain the products they were able to create, were done so in a way that left the earth a little better off as well.

This is why their focus has been on creating sustainable, vegan products that everyone will enjoy. Through their work they are expanding the definition of what “vegan” foods can actually be, and performing research that could one day change how the world eats. Their efforts to catalog worldwide vegetation and research how it can be used, is making it possible to remove chemicals, fillers and animal-based ingredients and still have a finished product the general public can love.

They may still be performing much of their work in a laboratory rather than only a kitchen, but the result has been healthy, natural products that are surprising many people and earning them many fans. Despite titles like “Just Mayo” and “Just Cookie Dough”, those who know the story behind these brands appreciate how they are much more than “just” an average food product. This is the return to the natural foods of the past, but with a slightly modern twist.

What Makes a Good Kitchen Knife?

Knives are used for a variety of cutting and slicing jobs during the cooking process. There are different types of kitchen knives available, depending on the role they play. A cleaver knife, for instance is used to cut meat. As such, you need to take time and choose the best from the available choices. Here are some tips that will be of great help when you are selecting a meat cleaver.

The blade

The blade is, of course, the most important part of the knife. Traditionally, these blades were made out of carbon steel. Unfortunately, this metal is prone to rusting, and the fact that the kitchen is an environment full of constant moisture doesn’t make things better. When the knife starts rusting, the food will start having an unbecoming metallic taste. It is therefore recommended that you look for a cleaver knife with a blade made of stainless steel, or a combination of carbon steel and stainless steel.


Cutting and slicing meat is a tough task that needs a very sharp knife. It is therefore important to ensure that the blade of your meat cleaver is sharp at all times. Carbon steel was preferred because it stayed sharp for a very long time. Use of a dull knife forces you to try and use more force that could lead to kitchen accidents. When sharpening a cleaver, smooth sandstone or sharpening steel can be used. Steels are preferred because they realign the edge of the blade at the molecular level as opposed to removing parts of the metal.


It is important to preserve the cleaver blade at all costs. First, ensure that the blade is sharpened in a manner that does not eat it away, leading to the knife thinning. Then, make sure that you clean them by washing them with warm and soapy water and by hand. The cleaver should be dried thoroughly before storage because stainless steel is not completely rust proof.

These are a few of the things that will eventually determine the quality and durability of your cleaver. Lastly, you should avoid using the cleaver on things that have acidic agents such as tomatoes and fruits because they corrode the blade and make it dull.

Different Ways Eating Organic Food Will Save You Money

Nowadays, organic foods are very popular with consumers. However, a lot of people still believe that eating more natural foods simply costs too much money. The truth is that a person can actually save money by eating organic foods rather than non-organic foods. Check out the following to learn the different ways you can save.

For starters, eating more organic foods will help you indirectly save money. How? Organic foods are much more nutritious and much more healthy. Non-organic foods are filled with chemicals that could potentially cause a person to become ill. This means that you could find yourself taking more trips to a hospital as you get older. Eating healthier and more organic foods allows you to reduce the risk of getting sick and developing certain diseases.

A Farmer’s market is a great place to find organic items. These markets offer consumers a variety of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. What’s so great about these markets? Unlike the majority of supermarkets and grocery stores, a farmer’s market doesn’t always have a set price for its items. This means that consumers can more easily bargain with sellers in order to get better deals on the foods that they purchase.

Another way a person can save money on organic food is by growing it themselves. In most cases, it doesn’t take much to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Any homeowner can easily build a modest garden in their own backyard. A person can grow everything from tomatoes and figs to jalapeno peppers and onions. Growing your own fruits and vegetables not only save you money, but it gives you more control and ensures that your food is grown exactly how you prefer.

These are just three of the ways a person can save by eating organic food. If you’re looking for more ideas, you can find more information from Hampton Creek. Again, research has found that people who eat more organic foods are far less likely to get sick from mysterious illnesses. Also, remember that the farmer’s market is a great place to find a variety of food. These markets are often willing to haggle with their customers. Lastly, you can control the quality of the fruits and vegetables that you consume by growing your own food in your own garden.

Hampton Creek and the Food Revolution

Mark Twain once said that everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it; and some people feel the same way about food. For example, in 2011 two enterprising young men noted long-standing problems with the world’s food supply chain. They decided to do something about it. Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk founded hampton Creek foods and began a food revolution. To date they have developed expert research teams, a plant database and several healthy new products.

An Egg Replacement Paved the Way

The first project that Hampton Creek founders assigned themselves was finding a healthy egg substitute. Realizing that the animal-based product is used is hundreds of dishes, they set out to find plant-based alternatives. In a short time they had Beyond Eggs, a product that uses yellow pea protein as its base. The product acts and looks like chicken eggs but can be updated. Developers can create new versions, just like software companies do when they want to introduce improved technology.

The Public Benefits From Different Perspectives

Hampton Creek’s development teams consist of experts whose backgrounds might seem very different at first glance. The company has hired top programmers, scientists, chefs, as well as the usual business professionals. These specialists have worked together to develop healthy, delicious and affordable new products. Their goal is to provide foods that are so appealing that consumers choose them over the animal-based products they now prefer. In other words, the public will become healthier and enjoy the process. The business is already selling popular, healthy Just Mayo, Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough.

Ongoing Research Is Spurring Progress

Programmers working for Hampton Creek have developed a huge database that has allowed the company to examine plants from all over the world. They are constantly investigating sustainable crops that farmers can profit from when they are sold to make healthy products. They are currently working on plant-based Just Mustard, Just French, Just Muffins, Just Pancakes and Just Cake. There is even a healthy sugar substitute in the works.

Food technology experts at Hampton Creek Foods are working to change the world’s food supply. The company is already marketing several sustainable, great-tasting products and is working on more. Their goal is to identify cash crops that can be used to provide the world with an unending supply of appealing, healthy food.

An Energizing Morning Matcha Smoothie in Place of Coffee

Someone who would like to stop drinking coffee but would miss the energy boost might try a morning beverage containing matcha green tea and other healthy components. Just a little extra time devoted to making a smoothie before starting the day’s activities can increase an individual’s stamina and add to the morning enjoyment. To buy matcha tea, view Kiss Me Organics for more details.

Matcha Green Tea Powder provides fuel for both physical and mental energy. This high-quality powder typically is added to foods and beverages instead of drinking it as a tea. The taste can be a bit strong for many individuals, especially those unaccustomed to the full flavor of green tea. Mixing it with other substances tends to be the best choice. That’s why including matcha with fruit in a breakfast smoothie is a delicious way to start the day and to get a better and longer-lasting burst of energy than is provided by coffee.

People can use any kind of fruit they like to make a smoothie with matcha. Bananas are always popular for smoothies, but a plethora of delightful choices are available. A blend of raspberries and strawberries can celebrate spring, while oranges and pineapple add a tropical flair. People can also add other healthy substances to fit their taste preferences and to create a favorable texture. Some examples include yogurt, soy milk or coconut milk.

As an authentic green tea, matcha contains caffeine. A person consumes the entire amount of matcha tea added to a smoothie instead of only consuming a relatively small amount of bagged or strained tea. That makes the amount of caffeine consumed a bit higher than in steeped black tea, but still less than a regular cup of coffee. Nevertheless, the energizing effects of matcha tea tend to be more even and last longer. Rather than a big spike in energy that might last only an hour or two, the energy level rises gradually and may last for several hours. Many people who rely on coffee for energizing effects find they have to drink it throughout the day, but that won’t be necessary with matcha.

People That Will Not Prepare are Certainly More Apt to Fail

It must have been Benjamin Franklin that mentioned, “By simply not being able to successfully get ready, you’re preparing to be unsuccessful.” Very much has evolved on earth since Benjamin’s day, however the perception contained inside of that one small statement has not. Exactly what does the idea mean to ready one’s self? In essence, this means to hold someone’s self in a position involving preparedness to meet whatever happens. It signifies getting precautions to become prepared to control unforeseen conditions which may – or might not – occur.

People accomplish this by using time to successfully consider all the likely scenarios beforehand that might arise. Scenarios for example being stuck by way of a blizzard, a federal malfunction, or perhaps a nuclear explosion. The likelihood is great that absolutely no such situations are ever going to arise, but if they actually do – the actual equipped individual is completely ready and also competent to meet with the problem head on. For that reason, have candle lights and also lighters when the electric power goes down. Have guns and rounds close by in the event that an intruder breaks straight into a person’s property. Stockpile survival food by food4patriots about the particular off likelihood the power grid fails and predictable life ceases to really exist. Some people function like boy scouts, and are prepared for just about any circumstance.