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What Work-At-Home Moms Love about Their Job- The Business and the Baby Bliss

Besides the obvious overwhelming joy of seeing your baby’s first steps, hearing the first words, and having the cutest co-worker around, there are other wonderful aspects to being a WAHM that many people without kids would enjoy too. Actually, just this week I met someone who wanted to be a “Work-At-Home-DOG-Mom. Which would actually be so easy! I referred her to this report on how to be a WAHM, and told her to just insert the word ‘dog” where it said ‘baby”!


A WAHM has more leeway in their schedule when things go wrong. When your babies get sick, you don’t have to call out of work or find someone else to watch them. You also do not have to worry about being late for work because of unforeseen issues like spit up on your work outfit, diaper explosions, emergency baths, etc. WAHMS have to ability to run errands according to their own schedule,therefore saving time not waiting in lines. Imagine running into the grocery store or bank and not having to wait in a line! Another novel concept is going to the gym when everyone else is at the office, so you don’t have to wait for the treadmill. The best part is being able to schedule doctor appointments at the beginning of the day when the doctors are not already backed up for previous patients. The time you cut down on WAITING really helps you get more done.

Flexibility with HOW you work is priceless as well. I once had a job that I could not go to the bathroom whenever I needed to, I had scheduled times when I was able to go, (and they were not convenient times either). No Lie. It was torture! Do you really think I was productive at work while I was WAITING for my scheduled time to go to the bathroom because my bladder was about to explode? Not only that, but the independence of not having to do all the tasks that are pure minutiae is exhilarating. No time cards to fill out, no useless reports that no one will ever read to come up with, and no useless meetings that just turn into whining-sessions. It’s really amazing how much work you can get done when you don’t have to answer to anyone.

The last, but certainly not least point in flexibility is the flexibility to wear what you want. Do you know how much time people waste trying to pick out an outfit? How many times have you put on an outfit, but didn’t like the look of it, so you tore through your whole closet to find a shirt that went with a certain pair of pants? Since your only co-worker is your baby, and he is going to spit up on whatever you put on anyways, you don’t need to put much thought into your wardrobe. How many times have you wished you could wear your pajamas to work and just be comfortable? Well, WAHMs get to do just that!

Having A Life

Ever wonder what the point of it all is as you are rushing to an office you despise, work 8 hours a day doing seemingly meaningless tasks, picking the kids up from daycare, pulling together a quick dinner, throwing the kids in the bath, and putting them to bed? Is that why we have kids? So we can have someone else raise them and not even spend time with them?

Then the weekend is filled with just getting ready for the next week…laundry, dishes, cleaning, yard work. Where is the fun? Where is the making memoires part of life?

Being an at-home mom allows moms to take advantage of opportunities that are non-existent in the 9-to-5 world. If you want to have coffee with a nearby mom friend, for instance, you can break out the strollers and go. If you and baby want to surprise Daddy with lunch, you can do just that. Volunteering at a church luncheons, the library, or the local school can give you and baby a well-rounded life, but it also serves another purpose. Many MLM businesses rely on creating friendships and partnerships. Going out and meeting people is one way to do this. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people you meet that are interested in what you do, and then sign up with you as a customer. Being a stay at home mom helps you create a social life like you never thought you would have.

The best part of life is of course our children. Being a WAHM allows you to stay home with them and watch them grow, develop, and learn. Every day is amazing. Being a WAHM also means you get to spend time making memories with your children while most moms are working in the office. Imagine the first nice day of Spring after a long winter, being able to go for a walk or just sit in the park playing in the grass, and not having to clear it with anyone. Think about all the moms who wish they could be there to put the kids on the bus the first day of school and be their when the kids got home. A WAHM is the lucky mom that gets to do that. That is something her kids will never forget!

Breastfeeding instead of Pumping in a Closet

The biggest worry for moms getting close to the end of maternity leave is the transition from breastfeeding to pumping. This causes so much stress that many women give up nursing all together, after all, more stress means less milk production. Babies also have a difficult time with this one day they have Mom all day every day, able to nurse whenever they are hungry, then all of a sudden Mom is not around AND they have to drink from a bottle? What happened to their perfect life?!

Work-At-Home-Moms don’t have to worry about toting the breast pump to the office or pumping in the bathroom. Or eagerly waiting for the office meeting to be over before they start showing obvious signs of being a nursing mother. And for some reason, male co-workers get very uncomfortable when breast milk is stored in the office refrigerator. WAHMs can be typing a blog, making a conference call, or even be in a webinar meeting while nursing and no one would even know.

Nap Time

I believe there are a few multi million companies out there who actually build nap nooks for employees, knowing that people do need to sleep to recharge. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the rest of the US. Not even the daycare staff get to take naps when the kids do; adults are apparently supposed to be immune to exhaustion. However, as any mom if she is tired and her answer will undoubtedly be “YES!”

Napping during the day is a huge benefit for WAHMs, especially after a wakeful night with the baby. Not only is it nice to take a quick cat nap to recharge, but the extra cuddle time with baby is priceless.

Time to Make Memories

WAHMs get the luxury of allowing themselves to be ‘in the moment’ with their babies, and they can find the purest pleasure that lasts hours. Happy moms raise happy babies, as our little ones feed off of our emotions. So not only are WAHMs literally happier, but they also get to create memories with their children that office moms only dream of. Park visits, museum discoveries, library story-hours, playdates with other WAHMs or SAHMs, day trips to the beach, are just a few examples of memoires WAHMs get to create with their babies. Being at home allows moms to savor every day.

Are you ready to be a WAHM? Read this exclusive report on the best businesses for WAHMS and start making memories with your children today!

Top 10 Tips For Business Writing

In any kind of business, the activities for achieving success are first analyzed, planned, implemented and then put in the form of ‘words.’ Some of these activities you can find in the form of reports, memos, email, letters or any other documents which can tell you about the business. These documents can be best defined as the hard copy or soft copy trail records of the results, activities or proposals of business or official communication. From the title, top 10 tips for business writing, you can make out as to what are the easy guidelines to become a successful business writer.

A business writing document can be used to convey important information, either internally or externally, and it may be either a situation or conduct of the business. It is mandatory that any form of business writing is done in concise and clear manner. If not, there can be detrimental results because of miscommunication. Properly chosen words, written in a organized format, can enhance effective business communication and produce desired results.

However, business writing is not easy, but at the same time, not impossible. It is advisable to do one bit at a time. You have to first research about the subject, analyze, understand the points and then conquer. In case of business writing, you need to consider several steps:

Research on the subject
Organize the content
Drafting the content
Review & Revision of the content

The steps given above make the impossible task into possible steps. You can proceed one at a time, and then you can start writing the documents.
Top Ten Success Tips For Business Writing

To prepare, first, you should have clarity on the subject. If you are unable to understand the document which you have written, then seldom will others who read the lines can visualize content in the words. Too many ‘jargon’ or ‘technical’ words might put someone on the wrong side and you might be asked to rewrite.
You can begin by using small, declarative sentences. Do not tend to prove yourself intelligent by putting a longer one where a short one can be replaced. “Ruthless” is the word which you have to use while self-editing.
Also, remember that your superior will have many tasks on hand, and he/she might ask you to change the sentence. In that case, with patience make them understand why you have added the sentence in the required format. Do not change the sentence if you are sure you are right.

In E-mails: Tips For Business Writing

It is an e-mail but it is a document. So be careful about what you say and how you frame the sentences. The words have to be simple and to the point, as an e-mail is a representative of your organization. Keeping in mind, whether you have typed all the points specified to you can give the clients a clear picture. Use the passive voice in sentences instead of the other (active voice) such as “Sam initiated the PRINCE2 meeting” etc.
Have a cautious ‘eye’ for grammatical mistakes when you are e-mailing to prospective clients, senior executives and colleagues. You might be stuck with work, but when it comes to sharing a new idea and that too in the form of e-mail, it needs to be perfect. It is a vital skill that everybody can and needs to improve.
You should also decide on the reaction your audience will have after reading the email. If the points are simply added to the e-mail, then chances are that the writing will be an incomplete structure and the words might be repetitive. In these cases, step back and collect your thoughts.
Have the points in proper order. Simply said, do not go around and round in circles. There are styles which might be different from what you studied in college. The important point has to be in the first paragraph. The experts of business writing have clearly specified – If you are postponing the points to the middle of the letter, then, there will be wastage of time of the reader. In memos or any proposals, the words should not be more than 150, and they should be short and crisp.
Business writing is a skill which you can improve by practice every day, but consistency is the key. You should be the best editor for yourself. If you want to be a distinguished business writer, you should divide your time properly between writing and self-editing.
If you are a science graduate who has done Research, similar to case studies, you would have built content at the beginning and in the end the important points. Unfortunately, that does not work with business writing.
In case you are finding it difficult, it is advisable that you request for help and refer all previous documents of your seniors and adapt to their style as well as format.

Well, we hope that the above-mentioned points might have given you an idea about business writing.

Best Types of Business Models for Working from at Home

A business model aka formula, explains how a business plans to make a profit and how it is positioned on the value chain. An easy, low cost model to work with, is a home business one. However, remember that even a home-based company needs a good plan of action.

The components of a home business model include the Infrastructure, the core capabilities and competencies necessary to execute a company’s business model. The partner network is the business’ alliances, which complement other aspects of the formula.

Then there’s the value configuration, which is the rationale that makes a business mutually beneficial for the person(s) running it, as well as its customers. Again, if you are planning on opening a new home business, it is key to have the proper plan of action in place before you begin.

Having a customer or profit generating formula, will add to your chances of running a successful company. Creating it may seem a daunting task and such an important part of your venture, may require you to seek outside help when preparing laying your foundation.

There are many resources where you can get help. Many experts are available to help you create your formula for a fee. There are even some experts who offer their assistance for free.

There are many businesses that can be run from at home and with so many people wanting to leave the corporate world to spend more time at home with their families, this method of work is becoming more and more popular.

What many don’t realize, is that most home-based jobs will take up more time than was ever spent in the corporate office. But with a well- planned home business model, you can easily plan your time, as well as your finances, among many other aspects of your operation.

Success depends on how dedicated you are and how closely you follow your action plan. Dedicate a space for just work. Make sure everything you need is at your fingertips and try to avoid a place that has many distractions, like the television or the refrigerator.

Also it is important that you dress for success. Dress as you would if you were going to any other job. Ditch the bathrobe and pajamas for casual work/office attire. You will be less likely to lounge around in your good clothes while you are in your home.

Bear in mind before beginning, that there are a few downsides to working from at home. But then again, most businesses go through the same roadblocks and you can learn from bigger, more successful ones, on how to build a structure to succeed.

How to get out of the Rat Race Working from Home

I wanted to talk today about one of the better ways to get out of the rat race and that is with a home based business.First of all what is the rat race by definition,the rat race is that grind you go through everyday of going to work pumping out those tough hours at the office

Wishing their was a better way and a way our of it,wanting to spend more time with your family or your friends or that special someone in your life,sometimes going to the office or wherever you work saying to yourself,man how is it that this dumb guy is making so much more money than I am and he makes Forrest Gump look like Einstein.

Well again by definition getting out that dreaded rat race is basically when you have money coming in whether you work or not that is greater than what you pay in bills,yes its that simple.

Have you ever wondered how you can do that,well with today’s technology it is possible to get started and its so simple you would think its a crime,but it is simple by starting you own home based business and although I’m not talking a specific company i am recommending a specific niche and the Network Marketing niche.

It a a structure designed for the simple person where you can get started part time and work the hours you can or want with no boss demanding anything from you,maybe at first it would seem strange not to have someone over you telling you what to do but that the beauty of the business it will force you to do the work and you develop and grow as a person .

Plus your up line is patient and they work with you to train and show you the way to the top its a unique business with people who have the same dreams and goals as you do and want you to do better then they do,and the tax benefits are awesome as well,so there is really no better way to get started with your road to the top and like I said before a better way to bring as better future for yourself your family and your loved ones or loved one whichever is best for you..

So there it is if your curious about how you can get out of that dreaded rat race click the link below to find out more

Work From Home Business In Gold Bullion Industry – Part Time

Are you tired of your day job? Are you looking for a great home based business opportunity? If your answer to all these questions is yes, you have found the right guide. Working from home is both fun and lucrative. In case of a 9-5 job, you don’t have the freedom to choose a certain time to do your work. You are bound by what you are told to do. You have to get up early in the morning, get ready for the job and get to your office in time. You only get a day off when you ask for approval. Your life is bound by a routine. If this is you, you might be bored. But don’t worry. You can be the next successful online businessman.

How can you do it?

As far as home based businesses are concerned, you have a wide assortment of options to choose from. If you have enough money to start your business, and you are motivated, you can consider a gold bullion industry or a precious metal industry. How can you do it? How can it benefit you? If you want help with this, you can read on.

Set your own work time

If you are ready to spend a bit of your savings, you can break the cycle and start your own home based business. You can create a balance between work and other activities if you can work from home according to your own work schedule. This will make future more exciting and stress free for you. And the great thing is that you will make much more money than you can from your regular job.

Be your own boss

Companies in the gold bullion industry are well experienced and enjoy fast growth. By investing in this business, you can control your hours, your life and your income. You will be your own master. The good thing about this business is that it can be managed from home as long as you have access to the web.

Things you need

Once you have started your business, you are free to schedule your working hours. With a computer, fast internet connection, and a website, you can easily get started. Plus, you don’t need to spend millions of dollars to get started. You can spend a reasonable sum and get great returns on your investment.

Turn your dreams into reality

As a matter of fact, this is a great opportunity in an industry that enjoys great success. You have complete time and financial freedom as long as you have established a constant income, which depends on how much time and effort you spend.

To cut a long story short, if you are success driven and are trying to change your lifestyle, you may want to benefit from this great opportunity. All you have to do is to send your application to a company and be part of it. Once you have succeeded, you won’t look back to your day job. You will be able to make millions in short order and be able to turn all your dreams into reality. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today on a part time basis.

Do you want to Work From Home Business In Gold Bullion Industry? If so, you can check out this great site.

Work From Home with Direct Selling

There are many products that can be sold from home including Avon which is now around 130 years old in its origin. Like all sell from home businesses there are mixed reviews and it really depends what you are looking for. Avon for many works incredibly well if you have the time and are willing to put the required effort in. There are start up costs of around £15 but these are usually deducted over two installments from your earnings, there is also a fee to pay for the brochures but again, this is something you initially pay for and then can make the money back through sales. The more sales you obtain, you higher discount range you receive and this is how you make the money. Its really important to get a really good regular customer base with return sales. Avon for many is a very good way to earn money whilst they are not in employment and for some turns out to be a really great work from home opportunity and as long as you are prepared to put the work in, you will make a good return.

Another great selling Programme is Neal’s Yard Organic, the principle is the same as Avon but the start up costs may vary. There will be an initial start up amount to pay which may be in the region of around £95. This gives you a kit to get you started and is worth around £250. They offer a great support network to help you obtain your sales and give you lots of advice on how to increase your customer base. There is around 25% commission on sales and there is the option to organize parties where you can further sell the products but this isn’t mandatory and you can just build a successful customer base instead if you don’t want to host regular parties. The success will largely depend on what you put in and you can make a real success if you have the time and are willing to build a regular customer base.

The body shop is another well established work from home business that has a good reputation and the added bonus of great products. There is usually a start up cost of £45 for a pamper kit which is worth £145 in sales, this includes some of the best selling items. This will give you an earning capacity of 25%-30% commission on the products. There is no experience necessary and they offer training and advice. The great thing with the body shop products is that they are so popular, selling them direct to family and friends initially isn’t a problem. Once you have got started, you can widen your network and use social media to spread the word.

There are many more sell from home businesses and you can search on the internet and find an array of products. Which one you choose largely depends on your personal circumstances and the start up costs. The most important thing to consider is to choose a product you actually like yourself and have perhaps used, this will give you more confidence when selling the product. It is also really important you consider how much time you have for selling the products, the general advice from sellers is to ensue you have the time to give because if you don’t, you will run the risk of failure. Building a customer base is time consuming but if you are trying to do other things at the same time, it will prove incredibly difficult.

Like all businesses, you have to put a lot of time in to get returns and unfortunately whilst products like Avon help to sell themselves, a lot of the work will have to be done by you. The other important aspect to consider is sales, if you enjoy increasing sales and meeting new people then this may be for you but if you don’t, you may struggle. Always consider all of this before you decide which one you want to do and read about the many opportunities out there before making a choice, for many it proves to be a great way to work from home and make money but for others the time needed proves to be an obstruction. Whatever you decide, there are some great work from home products out there even if you only do them for a while.

Choose From The Best Houses For Sale In Monterey County California

Buying or leasing a property may seem a simple task but is easier said than done. There is a difference between single-family homes, condos, and townhouses; you must research and understand your need before finalizing a house. Here are some tips for all new migrants-

Explore the vicinity

When searching for homes on rent in Monterey County, California you must know the options available and envision how your lifestyle and needs might change or get affected in next few years.

House for nuclear family

Often known as single family homes, these houses are built on a single lot and have no shared walls. If you’re fortunate enough you might get a garage attached or detached but lies within the property. One of the major benefits of this kind of houses is they tend to offer more privacy and space than other types of homes. These generally come with a back yard and an in-house parking space. On the contrary people buying single homes for rent normally have to face challenges with its maintenance and bear relatively more cost of living as compared to condos and town-homes where you can share the rent.


Condominiums or Condos are single units within larger building that have shared walls and are normally sold or rented on yearly basis. These types of homes for rent or sale are popular in urban areas and high-density towns where there are thousands of migrants looking for such options and are built amidst good number of shops and restaurants. Lessees have advantage of sharing the maintenance and amenities cost with other home-mates while the landlord if free from the burden of maintenance and upkeep. However, difference in expectations of different tenants or house owners with respect to the interiors and basic facilities which they might want to change can be troublesome for the homeowner.


Townhouses are fusion of condo and a single-family home; these combine multiple flooring with one or two shared walls, yard space and rooftop deck. These normally have a wider carpet area than a condo but relatively lesser than a single family home. These come in an affordable range as compared to a single family home and offer more privacy than a condo. Townhouses provide a pocket-friendly option to those looking for affordable houses for sale in Monterey County.

Multi-Family Home

Multi-family homes are the most common types of all homes available for sale or rent in Monterey County, California. These range from a duplex to a fourplex and have a separate entrance for each unit [some may have common entrance]. Besides homes for rent and sale these properties make a good investment option too. People buy these houses and rent them unit wise or together as per the requirement of the lessee.

There are a majority of real estate brokers in California who specialize in selling and purchasing of single-family homes, condos, ranch, horse houses, farms and townhouses and give complete assistance from selection to procurement of the property.

Great Aspen home rental service for enjoying your vacation holidays

Call it a buzzword, yet it is open information that everybody longs for an impeccable destination to make tracks in an opposite direction from the occupied and loud city life to loosen up, hold conferences or even to revive that fire with your sweetheart. Slipped in the Fork Valley is the advanced aspen home rentals that will serve as the perfect destination to satisfy the aforementioned wishes. Aspen, houses a pile of perfectly touched houses and condominiums that will tease your eyes even before you can get in.

Best packages to offer

Well and on the off chance that you are the kind that relishes a flawless alcove and still call it a home, they’d like to honor you somewhat here. In aspen colorado home rentals, they offer you what others won’t set out to guarantee. Whether it’s the one room condo in the sentimental mountain getaway bundle that offers incredible feel and sunrays that you wished would beat your face in the morning or the contemporary, downtown, in addition to hang situated over the road from the Aspen Mountain gondola and carries with it staggering perspectives of the Red mountain. It looks incredible emotional mountain getaway that bundle and the sun’s rays that morning or contemporary, the city provides wished his face was beaten in a street to hang from the Aspen Mountain gondola in addition, and with Condo is a room that is staggering views of the red mountain.

Strength of Aspen homes

What comes as an or more for our resort is the widest collection of cabins, especially vacation rental Aspen homes may simply be the spot you should head at. This piece is near incredible if not above it. For the individuals who favor a calm sentimental minute or the individuals who wish in vain not as much as wild out fun like skiing, you would be cursed on the off chance that you are discovered anyplace else. Further, they offer the most abnormal amount of customized consideration and offices that our rivals would envy. Why if you sit tight for others to recount to you the story when you can compose it yourself by going to us and partaking in the sheer class and eminence that this destination trickles. Whether you are searching for a rental home inside strolling separation to downtown Aspen or a vast domain that offers unparalleled protection for you and your visitors, they have the ideal property to make your Aspen get-away a genuinely significant ordeal.

Home Business Australia

Recent tide of fuel costs, lack of appropriate ways of transportation system, growing fear for environmental pollution and endeavors made to thin transportation costs has driven many people to think about the idea of home business Australia. A home-based business enterprise is any enterprise where the primary office is located in the owner’s home. There has been a steady increase in the home business opportunities gettable for people in Australia who see the rewards of it and for those for whom being the boss intends a lot.

With numerous picks available for people inclined towards home business Australia, it is quite overwhelming to consider and consider all the selections. The recent shift of a marketplace into a virtual market and the thriving of virtual companies over the internet has created vast, various and legal opportunities to both work and initiate an own enterprise. The availability of home business opportunities ranges from innovation, production, selling, design, SEO, freelancing, product promotion, affiliate marketing, online paid surveys, data entry and even engaging in customer calls. With such a wide assortment of occupations being made accessible just with the click of the mouse, it might become hard to decide which one to pick out.

This is where the web site of plug in profit site comes into the picture. This web site has done a lot for home business Australia. This web site can be considered the guiding light for all individuals who are yet get introduced to home business Australia. It is dedicated to helping out such dazzled and spoilt for choice souls. This web site essentially researches the entire home business opportunities so that people can enjoy their experience as they work from home business. They enquiry and pile up and list out all the attainable home business Australia opportunities just so that the masses are free from the fuss of researching tons of web sites to find a home business that is realistic and suits his or her pursuit.

A well compiled and illuminating list is just a click away for individuals who are seeking for opportunities in home business Australia in this internet site. Their list consists of all valid and dependable paths of making money on the net. Even though putting up a home business Australia is just a mouse click away, there are various troubles that one might confront. Unfortunately, some of these home businesses or business opportunities demand you to invest some money into the firm for one cause or some other. There are also a few business models like multi- level merchandising schemes, pyramid schemes and investing schemes which are not all that up-and-coming. If one is careful enough to ward off such baits, home business opportunities are unlimited and honouring. This web site helps you avoid such traps and baits. The list of chances given in this website are put through intensive screening out before being exhibited to the viewer.

This website not only assists set up a home business Australia but also helps to better a current home business by the numerous hints, proffers and automatic tools that they have for offer. They even offer a newsletter with the ongoing of the alterations or opportunities gettable for home business Australia. This site certainly has made home business Australia a more achievable and trustworthy opportunity.